I offer a unique experience and gathering of information to assist you in a whole body, mind, and spirit healing. I’ve been working with people for over 20 years and I have learned how to be a conduit and to receive the messages that your body, spirit and energy field have within it and is ready to be shifted.

When two people are willing to create more consciousness within themselves and on the planet, the universe will move mountains and create miracles for that to happen. I believe there’s a universal shift occurring and our bodies and thoughts are outdated and it’s time to let go of those things that don’t work for us and create a different frequency and energy within ourselves.

I became a licensed massage therapist over 14 years ago. I have been trained in several modalities with Access Consciousness and love the way they teach through asking questions from the universe rather that figuring out the answers of how we can fix ourselves.

The following is a list of the certifications I have been trained in through Access Consciousness;

  • Bars

  • Bars Facilitation / Trainer

  • Body Processes

  • Talk to the Entities

I’ve been gifted with insight that comes through me as a message for you. I’m grateful to be a conduit to bring light and consciousness to our planet.

Healing is an art.
It takes time,
It takes practice,
It takes love.






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